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we are probably the lowest priced in the city

Janet Laurence



Janet Laurence’s practice examines humans’ impact on a fragile and increasingly disappearing natural world. In the gallery space she creates immersive environments that reveal the interconnectedness of all living forms, evoking chance encounter, memory and loss. Laurence is also widely known for her many public artworks that open the potential for a broad public engagement, empathy and knowledge of the natural environment. 

Speed Levitch: The New York City “Grid Plan”

…Happiness was important to Lye and fundamental to his work. When he developed his political / philosophical concept of ‘Individual Happiness Now’ in 1941 at the height of the 2nd World War, he was hopeful that he could use his work to share ‘the best in human experience’ with others. He connected the making and seeing of art directly to our gene pattern containing information of ourselves and our evolutionary history, which he referred to as the ‘essential selfness’. He believed that if art resonated with this information, the experience of aesthetic value could translate into happiness….

…Free Radicals (1958) and Particles in Space (1966) are maybe the films in which he comes closest to this idea. In making them Lye reduced the medium to its most basic elements, scratching marks onto the black film using a variety of scribers ranging from dental tools to an ancient Native American arrowhead. In Free Radicals the result is a dancing pattern of flashing lines and zigzags, creating equal associations to microscopic movements and gigantic lightning bolts in the night sky. Synchronised with the sounds of rhythmic drumming and singing by the African Bagirmi tribe, these pure figures of motion become hypnotic…

The amount of time that humans devote to altering the physical state of butter proves that the medium is more than just a spread, and is in fact a physical manifestation of excessive human pride in their own creations.


Art History, The University of Chicago

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I love how a place so negative can transform through the eyes of an architect to become a vision of prosperity

is modernity a symbol of equality?

and ornamentation an expression of culture






Paper city is a tumblr I’ve recently found out about, by australian new zealand (oops !) architecture student Henry Stephens. It is excellent.



In the Florence of the 1960s, a group of students had just finished architecture school but were frustrated at the lack of work and the general stagnation of the architecture profession.

Gyorgy Kepes The New Landscape of Art and Science

A great question - What is humans told on this planet? is it our role to conserve and avoid or to create potential and emerge? A question I have been battling myself



4 minute fundraising teaser for the upcoming documentary, Piet Oudolf: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, a film by Tom Piper.

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer trailer

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Verbal expression is the mirror of the mind. Clear thoughts become clear statements, whereas ambiguous ideas transform into vacant ramblings.

— Rolf Dobelli -The Art of Thinking Clearly (via ryanpanos)

Powers of Ten™ (1977)

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