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You Are Baroque

You have a strong personality. You are who you are, and you’re darn proud of it.
You are quite guarded. You feel reluctant to reveal your true self to others.

You think on a whole other plane. You see patterns and logic where others see chaos.
You are comfortable with theories. Abstract ideas and concepts delight you.

Which Architectural Style Are You?

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Lessons from the Front Lines of Social Design

Elie Berthet, Title page, vignette, to Paris avant l’histoire, 1884.

The Philosophy of 'Her'



Elisabeth Bernstein - Scapes

Faces of the World's Races


‘Cenotafio di Newton’, Ètienne-Louis Boullèe

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The Shed | Jonas Gunerius Larsen | The Draftery

The project has a static starting point with the grid as an overarching principle that consumes the site, the infrastructure and organizing the totality. But then a dynamic process starts: Sheds and small cabins emerge within the system, representing plausible inhabitants, scenarios emerge and stories develop. Evolvement on the microlevel is explored in the plots, they become alive, some are abandoned and some survive. The stories come to life, public places occur, buildings transfom. The project grows out of this back and forth process, where the tiny dynamic parts challenges and even dissolves the boundaries of the assumed static grid. This pendulum is the energy in the evolution in the project, the unpredictable mutuality of part and whole.

The Gardens at Versailles by Andre Le Notre


Muuratsalo Experimental House

Alvar Aalto. Muuratsalo, Finland. 1953.


australian children who have not eaten for days. follow my daily journal here:

the saddest thing is that this photograph will not speak deeply to the masses like a beautiful photograph of a beautiful girl. people choose to ignore the ugly truth, but it can be made beautiful. never ignore ugliness because you cannot be bothered, or because you feel powerless. remember that the most powerful force is one that moves, and that goodness will only ferment if left alone - help make ugly places beautiful. 


Paul Klee. Architectural Review v.120 n.716 Sep 1956: 147 | RNDRD


Maya Lin, Systematic Landscapes 2009.

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Kolmanskop (by * Daniel *)

Once a successful diamond mining community, Kolmanskop is now a desert ghost town where the houses welcome only sand. The desert city was originally built when Germans discovered great mineral wealth in the area. They built the town in an architecturally German style with a ballroom, a theater, and the first tram system in Africa. The desert reclaimed the town when the miners moved on. The sands have filled houses, covered the streets, and slowly erased most signs of civilization aside from the towering homes and public buildings. The sight of a decaying German town in the shifting sands of the Namib desert is anachronistically delightful.

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